Tuesday, October 29, 2013

PED 447 Randall Elementary

Starting to get my blog up and running again, sorry it’s been so long!

I work with a student named Jack at Randall Elementary School in Cortland New York ten hours a week at the after school program.  I am Jack's one-on-one aid and I also provide for other students in the program.  Jack has been diagnosed with Dyspraxia, which makes some everyday tasks complicated for him.  To learn more about dyspraxia click this link   

Jack is a very loving child.  When he gets to Randall around 3:15 (He is bussed from Barry Elementary) he runs up to me each afternoon and gives me a big hug! After Jack settles in we usually pick an activity to do or work on his homework.  Jack loves playing with hot wheels cars, drawing and playing with uno cards.  After we are done with activity we have snack.  Jack is allergic to cornstarch so I make sure everyday that the snack is okay for him to eat.  Jack tends to have a hard time with transitions.  The transformation from playing to eating is sometimes a challenge for me and I have to get creative to have him listen up! During snack time no matter what the snack is Jack loves to dunk his snack into his drink and the other kids are amused and follow along.  A quick fix I use is that I just give him his snack/drink at separate times so he never has both in his possession.  I talked to mom about this and she said it’s a great idea and that at home he uses sippy cups so that problem is eliminated.  After snack we all go outside since it’s still nice out.  Jack loves the playground.  He likes playing hide-and-seek, tag, running his own mini restaurant and rolling the hot wheels cars down the slide! Jack is such a character and has taught me a lot in the last two months I have been working with him.  At the end of everyday Jack makes me realize that I have made the right career choice.   Although sometimes Jack can have an off day he is a sweetheart and I always look forward to working with him!

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