Monday, November 11, 2013

PED 447 Post 2

Working with Jack this week was great.  He actually visited Long Island 11/4-11/6 because he was getting tested.  His family stayed at the Ronald McDonald house in New Hyde Park.  His family had a great experience there and I found out Jack was very well behaved during the trip!

I missed Jack on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so I was really excited for him to come back. I’ll admit I was nervous as to what kind of day he would have because I knew his schedule was messed up from his trip and that the adjustment back into school may be tough.  As it turns out Jack was great and really missed me! He brought in a new toy truck that we played with all day! He had a great transition to snack and was picked up by 4:45. 

Friday was another great day.  Jack and I put together TWO puzzles! We put together a Blues Clues giant 100 piece puzzle and an animal puzzle, which had 50 pieces. Jack loves figuring out where certain pieces fit into place.  He always asks for help and is very polite and patient when doing puzzles.  I give him a high five after he finds pieces on his own that fit into place and he gets very excited. One thing I could work on with Jack is sharing.  He sometimes has a hard time letting other people help and likes the one-on-one attention from me I think. I feel that he may just get overwhelmed with too many people around him trying to help solve the puzzle.   

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