Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Randall 12/2-12/3

Jack has had a great couple of days.  He has these cool new shoe laces his mom bought off the dyspraxia website that automatically tie this way if he kicks his shoes off in frustration it is much easier to get them back on.  Jack loves the new laces because they look really cool (he has an orange and black pair) and it is also more comfortable for him.  Over the holiday break I brought in a set of 48 hot wheel cars for the site to use.  The boys were very excited about them, especially Jack! For the last couple of days we have been playing hot wheels and putting together different puzzles. 

One way over the course of the semester I have been able to get through to Jack is by talking with him instead of to him. I find being talked down to or told to do something to be very demeaning.  When I talk with Jack it is always in a defensive voice so he feels empowered to make the right decision.  Not going to lie sometimes I have to step in and be very assertive with him but I find he reacts better to a more relaxed tone which easies him into the day.

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