Thursday, November 14, 2013

Randall 11/13/13

Jack had a rough day on Wednesday.  He was good until about 4:15 when he was finished with snack.  After snack he lost it.  Jack started running around and screaming.  He kicked off his socks and shoes and threw his glasses off his head.  He refused to listen to me and kept yelling, shut up!  He eventually ran down the hallway where I had to end up carrying him back into the cafeteria.  He then started rolling around on the ground.  While all this was going on I tried consoling him and I got hit, kicked and bit.  Sometimes Jack has his moments and then comes around when mom arrives but today wasn’t the case.  Jack gave his mom a hard time as well.  Like I have said in previous posts Jack is the cutest kid but when he gets upset t tends to ruin a lot of people’s day.  Jack seems to respond best when I ignore his tantrums.  It is hard to ignore them when he puts himself or others at danger of getting hurt.  He hit one of our little girls in the face basically just because she was in his way when she was playing.  She got really upset but I consoled her and explained he didn’t mean to do it.  Some days are great working with Jack and days like today you have to roll with the punches and try to keep everything as normal as possible for the other students while all this is going on.

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